Like a conversation with my soul mate

I first read one of your novels (Dance Dance Dance) last year while out to sea. It moved me in a way no novel ever has. While reading I was overcome by a feeling that the book was written for me and about my life by someone who knew my soul more intimately than I knew myself. And on some level I believed that before I finished this book which somehow knew my most guarded secrets, loves and fears the answers to everything I struggled with would be revealed. I was disappointed when the book ended and life simply carried on as normal. In spite of this I became a fan and have since consumed a considerable amount of your works. It is a rare thing to be known and understood so completely in life. Each novel I read is like having a conversation (albiet one-sided) with my soul mate. I can't help but have a slight crush. The old photos of you are very handsome. A thousand thanks for your books. I know you spent some time in New England. Did you ever visit Providence, Rhode Island while you were in America?
That is where I am from. I would treasure any response for the rest of my life.
(Ginger Caravalho、女性、25歳、nuclear mechanic)

Dear Ginger,

Thank you for your most kind mail. When I lived in Boston in the 1990’s, I went to Providence from time to time, because there were several good used record shops. I am enthusiastic about collecting old jazz records. Nice little city.

Was I handsome in my younger days? Fabulous. That is very much encouraging.