Please sign my favorite book

My name’s Rosana and I come from Galicia (Spain). The first book that I read of your books it was “Dance dance dance” and I like it!! And bought all your books translated to Spanish. All of them!! Now I´m reading “underground” but I stopped reading, because I don´t know when you´ll write more books … when next book?
Have you provided travel to Spain? I would like to get your autograph in my favorite books.
Mr Murakami, you are the biggest writer in the world. Thank you for make reading a pleasure.
Bye. Read you soon.

Dear Lucinda,

I have been in Santiago de Compostela once. I stayed in that beautiful city for 3,4 days. I went to the high-school there and talked with students. It was fun. I would like to visit there again some time. It would be my great pleasure to sign the books for you.