Finally, this is my place

Mr. Murakami,
I've lived ten years in Greece, Athens, then I moved to Italy, near Lucca. I think it's because of that that I often feel like I don't belong to any place, like if don't have an identity; for example, I think I feel I'm greek only because I stay here in Italy, and I know that every time I'll go back in Athens I wouldn't feel that anymore.
I just wanted to tell you that everytime I read your books I say "Ooh finally. This is my place."

Dear Margherita,

Thank you for reading my books. I have visited Lucca a couple of times. It’s a really beautiful city, surrounded by high walls.

You can come to my place (in the book) anytime you like. I will keep the the best seat just for you. Mi casa, su casa. I will see you there.