Worried about going to university

Dear Mr. Murakami, I am a 17-years-old high school student, who will be going to university next year. I'm a very shy person, so I'm really worried about going to university. I always have a hard time interacting with people for the first time. But, there are also other things that I worry about. Like choosing the university major, or which university should I go to.
I don't know what I should do or decide. So my question to you is what advice would you give high school students that will be going to university soon?

I hope you will reply my question. Thank you.

Dear Fiona,

I went to the university in Tokyo in 1968. And I met a pretty girl with long hair in my class on the first day of the school. Now, she is my wife.

So, nothing is predictable. Don't worry. Don't worry about a thing. I used be a shy youngster just like you. Go to university and see what will happen. I'm sure it must be fun.