How are your days going on?

Mr. Haruki, I am very happy to write a short chat on this page for you. How are your days going on? Mine has got better day after day lately. I read all of your essays, not a single novel of yours except Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki. I love your essays. I was imagining whether I make myself present in your appearance like Fan meeting, but I was not so sure cuz I am kind of shy. It is very nice that you opened up this page which let me talk to you at ease. I have no concerns or worries in my life, still I am very bored! My primary question will be the greeting that how your days are going on recently. Will you kindly let me know? I would like to phone you over and babble myself, but yea just imagining. Thank you.
(Leyla、女性、30歳、Trading Office woman)

I have been busy reading all those mails and writing replies. I have received 37,500 mails in 15 days. And it may take more than 3 months to read all of them. After this, I will take a rest. I guess I will really need some rest. How my days are going on? JUST BUSY.