I’m tired of hula

Dear Mr. Murakami,
How do you deal with inconvenient situations/people? I have been dancing hula for 11 years, and I have grown tired of it. I want to quit and explore other activities, but my dad will not let me, and I'm scared of ruining my relationship with my hula teacher. Any tips? Mahalo.
(Jenna、女性、18歳、Senior in High School)

Aloha, Jenna,

You have been practicing hula for 11 years. You must be good at it. I want to see you dancing some time. But you are tired of it and you want to try something new. I understand how you feel, and I think you deserve it.

I don’t know why your dad say no to that. Maybe he has some reasons for it.

In the first place, you have to decide what kind of activity or activities you want to explore. You have to have a reason why you need to do it. That is the starting point. And you have to explain it to your dad and your teacher. If your reason is sound and persuasive, I suppose they will understand.