What cats are thinking when humans take a bath

Hello Mr Murakami! Forgive me for writing in English, I have very poor Japanese skills. My cat, Florence, had a weird problem. When my partner or I takes a bath she gets very concerned about us. She will stand next to the bath tub and cry at us until we get out of the tub, dry off, and console her. Do you think there is a way to calm her down and make her comfortable with us taking a bath? (It does not matter if my partner tries to calm her while I am in the bath, she is concerned about whoever is in the water.)
(Luke S、女性、27歳、Barista)

Cats have various kind of strange habits that we can never understand. I remember one cat I lived with had the same kind of habit. She was very much irritated when I was in the tub. I did not know the reason why. And I still don’t know. But I suspect that she was just unhappy and frustrated, because she couldn’t understand the logic of bathing, and thought it the weirdest human behavior.