A question from North Pole, Alaska

I'm sure you know the old joke; 'A person that speaks 2 languages is bi-lingual, a person who speaks 3 etc... but what do you call a person who speaks one? An American!' Well that's me (even though I'm proud I can at least order a beer and find a toilet in nihongo.)so..
My query is how closely do you monitor and interact with the translators of your works?  I ask because your words come across so well in English, no matter if I see Rubin, Gabriel, Birnbaum.. noted as the translator.

By the way: you noted in this set of web pages it's a bit cool there now, today, here on top of the world, in North Pole, Alaska, I'm enjoying a delightful -40° morning, a great time to throw another log on the fire and re-read a little 1Q84.

(Jim in Alaska、男性、76歳、none now.)

Dear Jim,

Cherry blossoms in Tokyo are already almost gone and it is spring everywhere. I cannot imagine how cold it is around North Pole, Alaska. Enjoy your cold.

How do I choose a translator? Simple: first come, first served. If Jay likes the book, he will translate it. If Phillip likes it, he will do it. And, strangely enough, their preference don’t crash in most cases. Both of them are quite able translators, of course. And I check the translations every time.