The feeling I get from your books

Well I first read “1Q84” completely by chance, and I was so captivated that I ordered nearly every novel you have written and read them in quick succession, I was completely hooked from the taxi ride. Recently, I tried to explain to someone (I am Irish) what the books were about, but found that I can't tell them apart so well anymore, instead I am left with a dreamlike memory of cats, exquisite ears, moons and spirit shadows. But one thing remained very strongly imprinted on my mind and I realised that I loved reading your books primarily because of the feelings of pure calm they evoked in me. I always experienced a strange peace, often followed by strong urges to be kind to be honest (and this held even on one occasion when I felt that I really didn't understood the book at all). I don't know why the books effected me in this way and I have been pondering it for a while, I do remember having this feeling as a child when reading fairy stories or folklore and I guess my question is whether you draw heavily from Japanese folklore in the worlds you create in your books, and, if so, could you suggest something that I should read? 
(Amanda Kel-Li、女性、41歳、Archaeologist)

Dear Amanda,

It is not Japanese folklore I use when I write my stories. I use my own fantasies and imaginations stocked in the basement of my mind. In the meantime, you have your own fantasies and imaginations stocked in the basement of your mind. And, I suppose, our fantasies and imaginations have many mutual parts. I am Japanese and you are Irish. But still, we have many things in common in the basement of our minds. I think that is the true meaning of writing and reading. Stories could be the personal communication tool between you and me.