The urge to punch somebody

The other day, when I was talking with a guy, I got this sudden unexplainable urge to punch his face for absolutely no reason. I have had experienced this before. It doesn't happen often, just once in a blue moon. It is usually someone that I know but not very well. They have done nothing wrong and I am not angry at them, I am not angry at all. Of course, I have never acted on it and I never will. This impulse will go away rather quickly but can be very strong.
Perhaps, I would like to see how a person would react, if I do such a thing. Perhaps, my inner aggressiveness is trying to come out, or maybe I just want to be punched in my face for some reason, by hitting them first.
Have you had the same experience, if so, why do you think you get this impulse? 

Dear phantasmagoria,

I think I know how you feel in those occasions. It doesn’t happen to me in my actual life. But in my dreams, sometimes I get so angry that I hit some stranger (it’s always a stranger, not somebody I know). It doesn’t happen often. Just once in a blue moon, like your case. I suppose we need to release those urges, only in our fantasies, from time to time. I guess it’s a natural thing to do. So, don’t worry.