They never feel lonely

Dear Mr. Murakami,

In your books the main characters mostly live a reclusive life. But what is strange and special in their behaviour for me is that - as I see - they never feel lonely or suffer from loneliness. Can you explain it to me what kind of attitude is that what made them take life so easy? 

Thank you for your reply.

Yours sincerely,
Aniko from Hungary
(Aniko、女性、31歳、financial analyst)

Dear Aniko,

I believe that they have got accustomed to being by themselves. Sometimes, I suppose, they may feel lonely, but they know they have to be strong. The world is tough and life is not easy at all. I know it, you know it, they know it. Complaining and grieving don’t lessen the hardness of life. Most of my protagonist are seeking love. They try to be strong and to love somebody sincerely, sometimes desperately. They know that love is the only exit they can find to get away from the total loneliness. No complaining, no grieving.