Getting meanings from your books

Thank you for doing this. Is there a particular message or messages you'd like readers to take away from reading your books, in particular The Wind-up Bird Chronicle? Or do you prefer that readers find their own messages and meanings in the story? Or some of each? I am sorry I do not read or understand Japanese. I hope and believe that you won't give my email address to any other organization or publish it. I won't violate any of the usual agreements that apply to the use of a website.
(Bonney Hughes、女性、53歳、Office manager for the Historic Santa Fe Foundation, NM)

Dear Bonney,

My books are an open text entirely. You can interpret it any way you like, or you can leave it uninterpreted. My book is just like a sunset or snowfall. You don’t have to take away any meaning from a sunset or snowfall, do you? But if you do need some meanings, it’s up to you. In any case, enjoy reading. That is the main thing.

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