Critique of literature

Hi Mr. Murakami. Since I am your big fan and majored in English Literature. I have a question for you. Because recently my friend asked me about the "function" of critique of literature . He commanded that critique of literature is useless and I am wasting my time to study this. I became wordless when he asked and told me his question and thoughts. As a novelist and familiar with English and American Literature, do you have proper answer to reply my friend?   What exactly the function of critique of Literature or to analyze literature is?  
Or how a cat would answer this question "properly"? 
(Oran - a taiwanese reader、男性、24歳、graduate student)

Dear Oran,

I don’t know whether critique of literature is useless or not. I am an author, and not familiar with that profession for better or for worse. I presume that there must be some seats for literary critics in Heaven (or Hell.)
So, don’t worry. Do what you want to do.