Name of the girl

Dear Mr. Haruki Murakami,

I am writing in connection with your book:“The hard-boiled wonderland and the end of the world.”

I am an eighteen-year-old girl from Hungary. I have read the book a week ago (now I am reading “1Q84”) and it was brilliant. My Daddy gave me “Kafka” near a year ago; He really likes your works, as I. He told me to read them, so I did and now you became our favorite writer. Moreover he told me, he wants to have a dinner with you once, because every time he reads your books He becomes hungry because your descriptions are picturesque. You must be a good chef.

I would love to ask you to do me a favor.
I am interested the name of the characters in “The hard-boiled wonderland and the end of the world,” but my favorite was the girl who worked in the library. I would be very grateful if you could tell me her name or if she has not got a name what would be? 

I think I am not the first person with this question, but I really want to know, despite I do not why.

Finally, I am the happiest girl in the World because of this chance. I am very thankful! 

I look forward to your answer.
Your sincerely,

The girl who wanted to ask and today had become brave and wrote to You.

Dear Veronika,

The name of the librarian girl? No, I don’t know it. You are the very first person who asked that to me.
I am sorry that I don’t know her name. Maybe she does not have one, for that city is a special place where most people don’t have names. It seems that people know all the people so closely that they don’t need any names. Name is not a big thing there. With your name or without your name, YOU are YOU, aren’t you?

But Veronika is a beautiful name. I presume that you are a beautiful Hungarian girl. I like to cook, but I am not a good chef. Say hello to your father.