Strange things are happening in my life

Dear Murakami! 

I'm a Vietnamese girl, I'm studying in Finland and it's my second year now. I have experienced many strange things come to my life since I was small that I just thought no one can ever see or understand them. However, since started reading your books, my secrets have never ever been shared a lot like that. Your books became my soulmates and whenever I want to find some pieces of me that was forgotten, I read your book and started playing puzzle. So thank you so much!  I wish you all the best and a good health! 



Dear Linh,

You live in Finland now. I hope you like my new novel “COLORLESS TSUKURU TAZAKI AND HIS YEARS OF PILGRIMAGE”, for the protagonist goes to Finland in the book.

Though I don't know what kind of STRANGE THINGS has happened to you in your life, I can understand what you are feeling. For I know that the strange things COULD happen to anybody. In my books those strange things happen regularly. They happen so regularly that they ceased to be strange at a certain point. That is the gist of my stories. I am very glad to know that we are sharing the same landscape.