What happens when you grow up?

What do you think happens to people when they get old? 

When I talk to adults about your novels, it seems that we approach them from different directions. My father is always trying to analyze, to find symbols and metaphors in your stories. However, to me, your novels give the feeling of being young, even younger than I am today. Everything in them is so fantastic, so strange; while reading them I feel like I’m riding some sort of contraption that I don't understand, and I think that's the same way that I felt about life when I was little. To be honest I still feel that way.

As I see it, imagination is the difference. To my father, something as strange as your writing must be somehow grounded in reality for it to mean anything. I think that I must value books differently. Instead of dissecting, I slurp your books up. Perhaps I am the ignorant one ― I read before bed and instead of writing notes in the margins, I dream about your characters. Perhaps I don’t see the deep meaning in your books because I don’t look for it ― maybe I’m too content believing that it’s all just a beautiful dream.

I cannot know for sure; maybe your fantastic writing is in fact filled with symbolism, but I can’t help but feel that you have somehow managed to pass into adulthood without losing your imagination. So, I must ask, what happens to the others?   What happens to those who grow up, those who lose their sense of wonder, their imagination? Does that part of one’s self just shrivel up, or does it warp into something else? I ask you, hoping for my sake and for yours, that you can speak from an outsider’s prospective on these strange beings we call adults.

Thank you so much for taking time to talk to your fans.
It means a lot to me,

P.S. Have you heard of the musician named “Aphex Twin”?  

Dear Gabriel,

I liked your letter (I'd like to call it a letter, not a mail). I could understand what you are feeling and thinking about my books very clearly.

What I am doing when I am writing stories and novels is to see the landscape of ANOTHER WORLD and describe it. You may call it IMAGINATION if you want. But I'd rather call it an ACCURATE DESCRIPTION of things, for I am actually seeing it before my eyes, not imagining it. In order to do that, of course you have to go to ANOTHER WORLD in the first place, I can do that. I guess you can do it if you believe in it and try hard.
Some people think of it as metaphors or symbols as your father does. But to me, it's PUFF, the magic dragon.

Nice talking to you.