Meeting your characters

Hi Murakami-san,
I am a young reader from America, and there are so many questions I have to ask you, however I would rather use this message to tell you how it seems that many of the characters in your books, particularly “Dance Dance Dance” and “Norwegian Wood”, have come to personify themselves in my life. I guess I was just wondering if you saw these characters in your life, and if not how would you deal with them if you ever met them?
The characters from your books that really stood out to me were Dick North and 雨.
I also am traveling to Japan very soon in hopes to walk down the streets and see the scenery that you described in all your books. Thank you Murakami- San for bringing me comfort in this life. Right now I truly feel as if I am just shoveling snow, however, I don't not enjoy it.

Dear walkingphantom,

Honestly, I have met none of the characters in my real life. I made them up from scratch. I may have got some hints from real people, but those are mostly irrelevant things. You may think that they are the people I could have met in my other life. So that is one of my reasons why I write fictions. I can visit my other life when I write fictions. Don't you think it's nice?