My nasty tail (the 16000th mail)

Dear Mr. Murakami,

If you could have the ability of any animal, but had to accept the likely bizarre or adverse aspects of having it as a human, which would you choose? (Imagine being able to fly, yet will now have to accommodate gigantic wings in your every day life.)

Also, do you like to talk to cats? It is one of my favorite pastimes…

Dear LeeAnna,

I would like to have a tail, like a monkey’s tail. I want to use it when I am dating my girlfriend. She says, “Hey, don’t do that with your nasty tail!” It must be fun.

Your mail is the 16000th mail I have received. Congratulations! I will give you a handle name as a kind of souvenir. Your handle is NASTY TAIL.
I hope you like it.