I usually hide or disappear

Dear Murakami-san,
Hi, I really feel excited to have an opportunity to connect with you by email. I have a problem I cannot find any answer to. If you are used to treating people nice, should you always be so? And if you feel tired, should you hide or disappear? Are there any other choices? (Seems three questions, sorry and hope you won't mind.)
I think it's my pleasure whether I could or not get any opinion from you, reading your books is a precious experience for me, really thanks for you and hope you will be happy everyday.

I don't think I am used to treating people nicely. It is just that sometimes I want to open up some windows of my room, and take in the fresh air (within myself). I like this kind of conversation, which takes place just between you and I. No one in-between at all. It reminds me of a direct democracy, like the one in ancient Greece. We gather in the open and exchange statements, but only sometimes. Usually I hide or disappear, as you say, like some endangered species.

Nice talking to you.