Your books calm me down

Hi, It's really late here in my place and I still have a bunch of homework to do so basically I will make this short and sweet though I have so much to say. In fact, It's kind of strange to make such a confession to someone I've never seen or talk to but frankly speaking, your books calm me down and I will read a few pages whenever I feel the tension from real life, it's therapeutic. I do have close friends and a loving family but I never have such spiritual connection to anyone in real life, people are different eventually, I have to accept the fact that they all have different habits of thinking...... though I was once desperately searching for a soul mate who truly worth building a deep connection with. Unfortunately, until now I find nobody. Your books however serve my desire for such a companion. I often spend time wondering how it would be like talking to you about everything on this beautiful yet wicked planet.

My question will be: Have you ever met such a person whom you feel deeply connected to OR is that even possible to find someone who feel the same way as you do, sharing same strange imaginations/thoughts? Hope to hear from you soon.

Dear Anonymity,

Thank you for your beautiful mail. I really appreciate it. Your message encouraged me a lot.

I think I can understand what you are saying. When I was a teenage boy (which was a long time ago) I had the same feeling. I encountered some great books and said to myself “Hey, how do they know exactly what I am thinking, what I am feeling?” It would be my greatest pleasure if you had the same kind of personal kinship to my book.