I see myself as "different"

Hello Mr. Murakami! Its been a pleasure to be able to send a letter to you. I've read some of you books (Norwegian Wood, After Dark, Sputnik Sweetheart) and I'm truly amazed by your work. I'm looking forward to write one too, but I think I have to read a lot of books.

To cut the chase, have you ever felt that you're situated in a wrong place, in a wrong time? I've been in this feeling for a while now, thinking I was born in the wrong era. I see myself as "different", not in physical aspect. I have different likes&interests than the people around me/ what they expect of me. Its just I have different type of interest, genre of music, or type of hobbies. I'm hoping this is just a phase in what-people-so-called "teenage-years". Sometimes to conquer the thoughts are difficult that to came at one point that I want to give up.

Just dropping by to know how are you doing these days. More power. Love from Philippines.
(Conqueror、女性、18歳、None as of the moment. Still a student)

Dear Conqueror,

Honestly, I did not feel that way when I was young. I had a solid feeling that I belonged to the time I lived in (which was the 1960's). So, I cannot share the same feeling with you, I am afraid. I can understand how you feel, though You look at yourself as a kind of alien in the society to which you belong. That is not strange at all. YOU ARE DIFFERENT. That is the fact. Accept it.

In 3,4 year, you will be out of school, and free to do anything. Look forward to entering that new life. Prepare yourself for the future. There must be many things you have to do before that. Being DIFFERENT is not your flaw. It could be your virtue. It all depends on you.