I want to read ‘Air Chrysalis’ novel

Dear Mr. Murakami,

We can never be sure if it was coincidence or not, but 7 years ago I noticed a beautiful book cover in my local library. The book was a Dutch translation of Sputnik Sweetheart. I fell in love with this book and after that I read everything 'Murakami' that I could get my hands on (Dutch or English). Thank you for your beautiful works, I hope you'll write many more.

Now a quick question:

Will you ever write the original ‘Air Chrysalis’ novel (by Eriko Fukada)? It formed one of the many intruiging elements of your book “1Q84” and I think about the story of the Little People every once in a while. (Do you think they come from the same place as the TV People?)

I would love to read their story as an appendix to “1Q84”! 
(Jochem、男性、25歳、Filmmaker / History teacher)

(管理人註)‘Air Chrysalis’=「空気さなぎ」

I think you are the first person who is interested in reading ‘Air Chrysalis’ novel. No, I’m sorry. I have no intention to write it myself. That is a fiction within a fiction, and it will stay a mystery. But you are eligible to imagine the story yourself any way you like. Go ahead and do it.