I thought you were a female writer

Mr. Murakami, this might sound funny to you but at first I thought you were a woman. When I was reading “1Q84” I was impressed by your characterization of Aomame; and not just all this specific character but all your women characters seem so realistic, as if it was the woman describing herself. I was so impressed by that so I wonder how would you describe your process of creating your woman characters?  Do you get your inspiration from your wife maybe, or by just paying attention to people?  Thanks a lot, and I apologize for my long question and my inability to speak Japanese.

P.S- I have read almost all your books, only two left, and they are your first two novels.
(The dreamer、女性、19歳、Student)

In this actual, real world, I truly do not know much about women. When I write a novel, I can see so many things which I cannot see when I am not writing. And I describe what I see. If you thought that I was a female writer, it is my great honor. Thanks.