I created a Portuguese blog “Murakami PT”

Good evening, Mr. Murakami. I want to thank you for your books: their beauty and their magic has changed the way I experience literature. I created a portuguese blog - named Murakami PT. My purpose is to join the portuguese readers of your books. You have many readers in Portugal. It would be such an honour to meet you; next time you travel, come to Lisbon.

I also have a question to you: after you experienced the magic of literature in your own life, after reading your favorite authors and books... how did you felt when you published your first books? What motivated you - in the past, and today - to publish your books?  

Are you aware of the beauty you're bringing to the world with your own words? 

Thanks you so much for everything!  Remember: Lisbon is waiting :)
(Tiago, Murakami PT、男性、21歳、Student)

Thank you for reading my books in Portugal. I really appreciate it.

What motivated me to write? I just love to write. I just love to find my own story in the maze of my mind. I would like to share it with other people, for instance, with you.

I hope that you will like my next book. It was nice talking to you.