Your imaginations and Waseda Univ.

I am your big fan in Seoul, Korea. It's very pleasure to ask to you. I went Waseda Univ. last year to understand you and your books much more. It was very nice. And I am wondering your imaginations are based on your campus life. I hope you read my mentions and reply me, please. Thank you for reading.
(tautou、女性、28歳、 pharmacist)

Thank you for the mail.

You went to Waseda University because I went there. I think my imagination is working without the help of that university, but, yes, it is a sheer fact that I was there for seven years. Seven years is a long time, and I was pretty much tired of seeing that campus. Anyway, I would be glad if your trip to Tokyo helped you to understand the background of my story.

Please keep reading my books. I hope you will like my next one.