A certain merit in being lonely

Hi Mr. Murakami, I'm really happy of knowing that you're going to read something I write for you. I wanted to say that I've always felt lonely and empty, but then I read one of your books (Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki) and felt the protective embrace of the loneliness, and I realized that being lonely can be good, and everytime I read one of your books, I feel like I'm not the only person in the world who feels like that, and it makes me happy. Thanks for existing, and you have a friend if you ever come to visit Venezuela.
My best wishes for you.

P.S. the cute yellowish cat on the header of the page reminds me of the Cat-bus from Hayao Miyazaki's "Tonari no Totoro".
(Naky Zambrano、女性、20歳、Medical Student)

Thanks for your mail from Venezuela. I have never been to Venezuela yet. It would be great if I can visit your country sometime soon.

I think that we are all alone, fundamentally, but each of us has a secret, unknown place in ourselves where we can connect ourselves with something special, something very important. You can go down there only when you are really alone――only when you are genuinely lonely. So, I suppose, there must be a certain merit in being lonely. Also I hope that my novels could work as a kind of guide map to your expedition into your inner self.