Mixed? or Girls' schools?

Dear Murakami-san, My daughter is 11 and soon I must choose a high school for her. Do you have an opinion what is better, mixed schools (boys and girls) or single sex schools (girls only)? You have many insights into humanity that resonate with me, and so I would value your opinion on such an important question that is facing my family. I love my daughter more than anything in the world and I want to make good decisions for her. Thank you for reading this question.

when google translates this website, the results are pretty hilarious. I hope you will find some time to make an English version.

Thank you so much.
Best wishes
(Niall、男性、43歳、Risk manager)

I went to “mixed schools” all my life and had a lot of fun with lovely, beautiful girls. So, I, personally, recommend “mixed schools” for your lovely, beautiful daughter. Maybe she will meet a nice, decent boy (like me).