How to live being alone

Hi, I'm Elena and I'm an Italian girl with a bachelor in languages. I've discovered your books by chance, reading a post on Tumblr that reported one of your quotes and, as I opened "Norwegian Wood", I got wrapped into pages and words that I thought were written for me. This is a experience that I only have with your books. I was born on January 19th and this always made me think that the thoughts in your books are just so close to mine for this reason.

I'm writing because I'm in that awkward age when you are no more a teenager and not yet a woman. I'm trying to do my best in my everyday life but sometimes I just don't get success in what I'm doing. I also have a relationship with a guy that often doesn't make me happy, but it seems I'm not brave enough to "cut the bridges", as we say in Italian, and leave this guy behind me. Maybe I'm just scared of being alone, even if they say that when you find happiness on your own, than you are invincible. But it's a choiche and I'm not so convinced that we only decide our own destiny. I just wonder what do you think about being alone, for a while or just for the rest of your life and what about destiny, do you believe that we decide everything in our life or there is something that is already written and, one way or another, will happen? If you decide to answer me or not, I just wanted to thank you only for the time you spent reading what I've written in this January night, waiting for my birthday and a better future.

Thank you for reading my books, Elena.

I have no effective answers for your question. Since, those answers are what you will have to find out by yourself during the coming years. You cannot live by yourself, but at the same time it is essential that you learn how to live being alone. You have to survive this contradiction, or antinomy. And this will make you into an adult. Everybody goes through this more or less.

I was in Italy last autumn, in Toscana. Wine was great!