Our wonderful journey

I'm a college student from the US that has become obsessed with your work to the point that I have decided to minor in Japanese. My goal is to one day be able to read your books in your language.

I first read one of your books whilst on a road trip by myself that took place after my first year of college. I did not have a destination or schedule on this trip. It was just me, in my car, exploring lands I had not seen before. My parents had both died prior to this and I thought it a trip I needed to take.

The whole trip consumed more than a month of time and spanned over 17000 km. I slept in my car each night and ate whatever could be preserved. Days were spent behind the wheel with great music. Nights were spent reading books.

In retrospect, it's almost ironic how much this trip reminds me of a journey that one of your characters might make. Perhaps it was the similarities to my own situation that made me so receptive to your writing.

There are many stories from this journey that I can tell, many that you might appreciate given what I've learned about you from your books. I could also go on about everything that I've learned about myself, but I don't have the space (had to cut a lot).
(PastyPilgrim、男性、21歳、Computer Science)

So, We can say we traveled together for a long distance, metaphorically speaking.That is wonderful. I am really looking forward to seeing you reading my books in Japanese some day.