How can I stay creative and passionate?

Dear Mr.Murakami, I am a german rapper working on his first solo album. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to ask a question! Through steady work (and luck of course) I managed to get a famous team of producers behind my back, so this album can really be a stepping stone to the life as a musician I always wished for, since I started rapping when I was eleven.

However the more time passes I find it harder and harder to write song lyrics with the same energy and concentration I used to. The rhymes and lyrics just don't get that powerful as they were before. If I take a break my capabilities don´t grow either. So my question to you is how can i stay creative and passionate as an artist? I already try to live a life with healthy working hours and do sports everyday, to keep myself focused.

your reader Morten from Germany

So you’re a German rapper, rapping in German. Interesting.

I think that the best solution for you would be to find a good partner. Like Lennon and McCartney. A person who can collaborate with you, and help you, and criticize you correctly. Maybe you need someone like that. No man is an island, especially when you create something. You seem to need stimulation from other people. That is what I felt from reading your mail.