Cafe chains you like to go to

One of my favourite places in Japan is Mr. Donuts. Living there as a student, and then working in Japan for three years, I used to love sitting in Mr. Donuts for an hour or two studying or reading with the white noise, a donut and the refill coffee. Basically until the music CD they play in every store went in a full loop. That was the cut off point. Plastic seats, lots of high school students and noisy...but there's just something about it I like.

Do you have any cafe chains you like to go to? For some reason I picture you in an old style coffee shop with wood panelling and an interesting old man behind the counter! Which do you prefer?

In America, donut shops are full of old guys and beat cops. But in Japan, they are full of high school girls and mothers with children.
Do you know any reason for that difference? I miss Dunkin Donut. Their donuts were “harder.” They disappeared from Japan some time ago and I don’t know the reason for it.

It is not easy to find a good cafe where you can read books comfortably in my neighborhood. I’m still searching.