Congratulations! 1,000th question

Dear Mr. Murakami! 
My name is László from Hungary, and my question is: Which literary characters would you like to have a dinner with, and have a conversation during it (for example Ivan from Brothers Karamazov), and which characters you would never like to have it?
Thank you! 
Yours sincerely,
Nagy László
(Nagy Laslow、男性、26歳、Hungary)

Congratulations! Your mail is the 1,000th one which I have received. So, I will write an answer to your question. You are Hungarian. Thank you for reading my books.

The character I would like to dine with is, of course, Jay Gatsby of THE GREAT GATSBY. I will go to his great mansion and join the big party and drink champagne with him. It must be fun! However, I am afraid the conversation with him might be a little bit tedious. The conversation with Uriah Heep of DAVID COPPERFIELD should be more exciting, but, as you know, he is not a pleasant person in any way to share a dinner table. Tough decision.